In order to gather blockchain transaction and reconciliation such as expense, balance and burn functions, it is important to have siloed systems available to all blockchains and their developers, which in turn follows a fixed format that would allow raw data read and eventual swapping with an ERC20 format and vice versa. This is where ExoniumOracle will be introduced to fill the need, as a mainstay product of the ExoniumDEX fleet.
ExoniumOracle will be open-source and developer friendly, allowing the majority of programming languages to be used. ExoniumOracle will serve as the satellite network for ExoniumDEX, processing blockchain data in silo as designed, processing and conversion/translation to the ethereum-based format (solidity) before porting over the ExoniumDEX.
ExoniumOracle is a proprietary product in the development stage, slated for release in Q2 2022. Development of ExoniumOracle follows the principles of simplicity and core bridging functionality similar to the development principles around solidity.