Exo-Tycoon: World’s First Financial Asset Backed NFTs

Genesis phase - 8,000 Limited NFTs based on 5 crypto moguls. 3 Different Tiers, 3 Different Staking Rewards. Within the ExoniumDEX and tEXO ecosystem.
The first consideration is the longevity and potential of NFTs in the financial sector. NFTs are commonly associated with owning and transacting digital artwork, allowing the collector to obtain ownership of the original digital work.
NFTs present a fundamental change to the way consumers buy and sell digital non-fungible assets like art, purchasable content for video games, artwork and more.
However, we at ExoniumDEX believe that the potential of NFTs can be expanded into a much more in-depth sector within the financial industry. Ideas around collateralising NFTs, allowing earning from NFT, tying physical assets to NFTs and much more ideas came around during our product ideation and development phase.
The concept that gave birth to the “EXO-Tycoons” collection is not just to create a set of artwork for NFT collectors to store in their wallet and view through the screen. No, ExoniumDEX is not an NFT Marketplace or an artist lab. We want to be the first DeFi project to truly integrate NFT into a person’s life, more specifically, the financial aspect.
Exo Tycoon will not affect the existing ExoniumDEX roadmap and Exo Tycoon will be a complementary product within the ecosystem.
First, we will introduce what EXO-Tycoon is about and how the launch process will follow. Thereafter, we look into the scope of NFTs and their value.

Introduction to EXO Tycoons

Total Supply: 8,000 Unique EXO Tycoon NFTs (ERC721)
Base Characters inspiration: Elon Musk, CZ, SBF, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey
1600 NFTs of different categories for each Base Character
Categories of NFTs (Quantity)
  • Billionaires (50)
  • Whales (1250)
  • Magnates (6700)
EXO Tycoon NFT holders can-
  • Obtain NFT of a specific rarity and character
  • Use the NFT to stake, battle and earn rewards, through our play-to-earn concept
  • Buy and sell the NFT in open marketplaces
Cost of Exo Tycoon-
0.06 ETH
Max 10 Exo Tycoon per user. Max 5 per TXN.
Before public sale, all tEXO holders on Polygon and BSC will have early access to purchase Exo Tycoon before the public sale. There will also be 100 Exo Tycoons reserved for airdrop to winning tEXO community members (tEXO holders in both wallets and LPs are eligible). Airdrop campaign details will be released on a social announcement in the upcoming days.
+ Whitelist start time 10/11 (21:00) GMT +8
+ Whitelist end time 11/11 (21:00) GMT +8
+ Presale start time (at least 15 mins from Whitelist end time so that we have time to load the list to blockchain) 12/11 (21:00) GMT +8
+ Presale end time 13/11 (21:00) GMT +8
+ Public sale start 14/11 (21:00) GMT +8
+ Public sale end 15/11 (21:00) GMT +8 ) or until sold out
After the public sale, Exo Tycoon will be traded on Opensea.
Whitelist eligibility:
tEXO holder on both BSC or Polygon, regardless if you are holding
  • token in wallet
  • LP
  • Staking on Exonium.one
*Min 1500 tEXO for any of the above conditions to qualify.
Proceeds of NFT sale will be used to provide liquidity of tEXO (ERC20) and tEXO holders on BSC and tEXO will be able airdropped ERC20 tokens on Ethereum mainnet. (Min. 8,000 tEXO to qualify for air drop due to gas fees.
NFT staking is projected to be by end of NOV.
Reason for deploying NFTs on Ethereum mainnet
We understand that our existing products are on BSC and Polygon. The team considered all factors and potential of NFTs before deciding to deploy on Ethereum mainnet.
With more layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum in place, we will be shifting to the mainnet for the main infrastructure for future products. The main reason for ExoniumDEX token distribution stage on BSC and Polygon is due to the low cost and higher efficiency for all community members without having to spend high fees to interact with dAPPs. During tEXO seed phase, Arbitrum was not ready for our mainnet launch. Therefore, we proceeded with BSC and Polygon. With new development upcoming, as well as healthy growth on Ethereum mainnet, we will be starting to move infrastructure back on Ethereum mainnet. All BSC and Polygon will be given instructions to migrate their existing tokens in near future. Just a reminder that regardless of which chain you are on, at the end of the day, the team will allow all of you to be onboard the same ecosystem.
On the other hand, NFTs on Ethereum mainnet is the biggest performer within the EVM ecosystem and there is a huge community for us to tap on. Deploying on Ethereum mainnet also allow us to leverage on major NFT marketplace such as Opensea to allow trading activities to happen.

Roadmap 1.0

10% Airdrops campaign for tEXO wallet holders (100 Exo Tycoon)
20% Private Sale for tEXO holders (Early access before public sale)
40% Staking for all Exo Tycoon Holders
60% Next Gen Exo Tycoon Launch. Genesis holders will have early access
80% Exo Tycoon Merch with partners
100% Beta Play-to-Earn Game Launch
After Roadmap 2.0 is complete by 2022 Q1, we will release Roadmap 2.0
Rarer EXO Tycoon NFTs (especially those minted during genesis) will yield higher rewards and have more benefits within the ExoniumDEX entire ecosystem.

Exo Tycoon Play-to-Earn Concept

In line with the Play to Earn principle, EXO Tycoon gameplay will be suitable for both game lovers and finance with the automatic game mode.
Vs Battle
NFT owners can participate in competitive formats such as Player vs Player or Tournaments or Staking to get many valuable rewards.
Aligning with ExoniumDEX’s goal of becoming a one-stop platform for all financial services, we will introduce a gaming platform that factors in trading activities and price movement in the financial market. Each NFT represents a character that can go up against other characters in a battle that relates to financial asset pricing. If the EXO Tycoon NFT is a TSLA alliance, and the opponent is a BTC alliance, the price-performance based on a certain period will affect the battle result. If TSLA out-performs BTC in 15 min time chart, the TSLA alliance NFT will have the upper hand in terms of offensive tactics during the battle.
In general, EXO Tycoon is not just a play-to-earn project but a decentralized financial gaming experience together with other products ExoniumDEX is offering. It is a combination of a DEX and an NFT game for both the trading and gaming community.
With tEXO as the main ecosystem including EXO Tycoon, this will increase utility, demand and the community of tEXO holders.
Startup Founder’s Collective
Beyond vs battle with other players, user can collect a team of Exo Tycoon and form a “company” startup of their own. The community will be able to form teams with other players as well to expand their business. The performance of the company is based on individual NFT’s traits and battle results from the first gameplay. Companies with more active users will obtain a higher ranking which in turn will yield better rewards in general as compared to other teams. The promotes forming an alliance with teammates who are like-minded and encourage active involvement on ExoniumDEX.
As the user base grows, we will be introducing more NFTs based on Forbes 400 list and other cryptocurrency key opinion leaders. However, the stake rewards allocated to genesis EXO Tycoon NFTs will still be the highest!
Stay tuned for gameplay mechanisms and technical updates as we progress on development.

Value of General NFTs

Utility + Provenance + Future Value + Liquidity
NFTs create many new ways for values to be created for both developers and asset owners.
Utility value is dependent on how the NFT can be used. Is the NFT a ticket to an event, a rare item in a game or a “redemption ticket” for a tangible asset? What are the platforms that the NFTs can be used on? Is the NFT tied to some other assets? Can the NFT be redeemed for other assets or allow the owner to earn income?
The importance of provenance is relatable to traditional non-fungible assets such as art. Who is the creator of these NFTs? What is the background of this creator? Is he/she a reputable figure in the NFT market? After all, you would pay more for a Vincent Van Gogh or Andy Warhol artwork as compared to a random painter right? Companies or individuals with a strong brand issuing NFT tokens will naturally bring traffic and users to the ecosystem. An influential creator of NFTs will also drive up the value of their NFT in the resale market too.
The future value of an NFT is derived both from valuation changes and future cash flow, depending on the nature of the NFT. A future price valuation can be driven by speculation and is often the main driver behind price appreciation in the crypto market. Valuation can also be driven by scarcity of supply. Are there any interest or royalties earned by the original owner of the NFT? With the recent DeFi craze in the crypto market, NFTs can assets that are leased and collateralized to create additional cash flow for the owner. Liquidity is key to any asset in any market. Without liquidity, it will be difficult to evaluate the market value of an asset. NFTs can be traded easily without friction on an open NFT marketplace. Does this increase the number of potential buyers and increase liquidity for NFTs? Does the NFT encourage high engagement or creates demand in the market?
Why are NFTs getting more popular and what is their role in DeFi? The process of collecting digital art, in-game assets or cards is a very easy and fun concept to grasp, and it does not require any financial education. Everyone can own a NFT. Users see their entire interaction with the interface as a fun game and are incentivized by the emotional reward of unique object ownership. Visual representation of an object with an immutable record of ownership is psychologically appealing to users. NFT does not directly go by the standard rule of buy/sell order. Assets like painting and artwork increase in value because of their scarcity. This scarcity helps the underlying assets of NFT to grow in value. Pricing of scarce NFTs is a zero-sum game; NFT buyers choose what they believe will be in demand and appreciate in value, just like limited-edition sneakers or piece-unique artwork. When performance can’t be measured in numbers, the network will drive success. Recognized creators produce a limited number of works that are highly sought after by many collectors, and as a result, promotes price growth. For any crypto project to be successful, it needs to be successful in the Asian market. With its engaging digital collectables and gamified UI, NFTs have captured the cultural imagination in Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea.
On the other hand, NFTs are being promoted as the next big thing in the world of DeFi. The DeFi paradigm has helped NFTs to become more liquid and NFTs expand the market of collaterals in DeFi lending. The problem with this is that the value of supplied collateral can be easily measured by integrating price oracles which is the typical scenario in standard lending DeFi protocols. This means that the prices will be based from multiple liquid sources either from centralized or DEX. With this, integrating NFTs into DeFi is a little bit difficult as NFTs are not as liquid as cash or tokens. The only thing we can assume is that the NFT is still worth the same amount as it was last sold for. Also, we have to remember that DeFi is still innovating with this and surely there will be a solution to this such as a dramatic change in the NFT price. Some of the DeFi-native applications such as staking, yield farming and liquidity mining are also being used in DeFi-NFT ventures. Users can stake their assets to earn NFTs.
The use of NFT goes beyond the realm of collaterals. It has the capability of representing more complex financial products. These products can be insurances, bonds, or options. In insurance, each contract is converted into NFT. These NFTs can be traded on a secondary market. Another DeFi model that has been adopted in the world of NFTs in the issuance of governance tokens. Many platforms and NFT marketplaces have started issuing and distributing their governance tokens.
In the DeFi market, the main interest is towards the financial return on investment. In NFT, the community will expect a far deeper reward at the psychological level. With the world becoming full of digital-native objects, NFT is also expected to permanently settle the question of ownership.