Connectivity beyond tEXO

ExoniumDEX aims to be the central point of the blockchain universe for transactions on-chain between different chains. To accomplish this, ExoniumDEX adheres to the spirit of open source development and decentralisation.

ExoniumBridge and ExoniumOracle are designed to be deployable to other ethereum based DEXes as well, and will ensure that liquidity and transactional interoperability can be enjoyed permissionless-ly. This means that should an ethereum based DEX choose to integrate with ExoniumBridge, it would also effectively connect into the ExoniumDEX network, allowing the DEX to enjoy added liquidity of other chains and vice versa, contributing liquidity back to the ExoniumDEX network.

Future of crypto-synthetics

Crypto-collateralized synthetic currency models powered by smart contracts can have massive implications in the traditional finance industry. In their essence, these models provide crypto holders the leverage that they need to trade traditional assets and their derivatives while remaining within the digital infrastructure the entire time. Decentralization grants open access to a worldwide community of investors. Prior to crypto synthetic assets, only a few institutional investors could access the global derivatives markets. With many crypto synthetic asset platforms opening their doors to derivatives for thousands of new investors, only time will determine the kind of impact that a probable flood of new crypto-collateralized derivatives contracts will have on the traditional financial investment landscape. Imagine the possible popularity level of this investment model in the upcoming years. Anyone who owns a smartphone and an intermediate understanding of the synthetic asset operations can access these powerful investment vehicles, without owning any commodity, and still being anonymous. This is finance on a whole new different level.

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