tASSET - Synthetics

tASSET are blockchain tokens minted on ExoniumDEX that reflect prices of real-world assets on-chain. tASSET allows traders to have price exposure and trading opportunities to off-chain assets while enabling fractional ownership, open access and censorship resistance as any other cryptocurrency.

At the start, some of the synthetic assets to be minted on ExoniumDEX will consist of (but not limited to) -

1) tFB 2) tAAPL 3) tAMZN 4) tNFLX 5) tGOOGL 6) tTSLA 7) tCOIN

In depth detail on how synthetic assets operates and works on ExoniumDEX will be shared in the infrastructure explanation page.

* Do note that, unlike traditional shares which serve to represent a real, underlying asset such as Apple or Tesla stocks, tASSET is purely synthetic and only captures the price movement of the corresponding asset through an oracle.

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