Riding on the principles of a satellite network around ExoniumDEX, there needs to be a standardised form of communications that follows core development principles and complies on the Ethereum format.
Communication between ExoniumOracle and ExoniumDEX therefore needs to be bridged efficiently, safely and transparently. It is vital that the channel does not become a point of network compromisation or bloat. Without such a standardised protocol bridge, it is impossible to network thousands of blockchains and their exponentially growing transactions in a scalable fashion.
ExoniumBridge is a smart contract that actively tallies information flow and data between the ExoniumDEX and ExoniumOracle. It efficiently processes the communication on-chain and forms a binding conduct between both ExoniumDEX and ExoniumOracle.
In human geography or urban economics, the theory of a formation of a major city is the same concept as what ExoniumDEX is achieving: You need a place where two important roads or rivers cross each other. Then you have two lines of traffic meeting there. Services such as hotels and restaurants start to open to serve the people who stop by. Then businesses attract more people and expand. The place grows from a town to a city.
Cross chain attempt across various blockchains is our very first step to build a complete ecosystem . There are many cases when users do not have cross chain wallets or the required native transactional token (gas) to pay for on chain activities on other blockchains. As a result, we need to connect participants in the network to provide those types of services. They will be node operators who have a money incentive for acquiring fees. There are two main use cases for participants:
1) Users do not have a wallet on other chains and you need to interact with dAPPs or transact with different blockchain. Bridge participants can create a mirror smart contract wallet for you to facilitate.
2) Bridge participants pay gas for you. Bridge participants activities vary from cross chain assets to cross application.
Along with cross chain assets, we figured out many specific demands from projects as well as users and we keep improving features.
The final goal is to build a hub for all blockchains.
ExoniumBridge is an open-sourced smart contract to be released in concurrence with ExoniumOracle, and will be staged for Q1 2022.